My name is Kris and I was born and live in Melbourne, Australia.  I have many hobbies which basically revolve around writing.  I’ve had a few of my letters published in magazines and newspapers and I’ve won a couple of awards for writing but my passion is just writing to get it out of my system.

This BLOG is like my own personal diary but once it’s out in cyberspace I no longer feel confined or trapped in my own skin and has been very therapeutic, cleansing me of all the demons that are my thoughts, fears and aspirations.  I don’t like to dwell on things at all but releasing these thoughts brings new ones and most of them end up being positive until another hiccup occurs in the real world and I start to realise that problems are occurring in my brain and not in my life.  Purging my mind of bad thoughts is what this BLOG is all about and it’s been nice to get comments where I realise that I am NOT alone and there are more of us out there.   Keep on writing away your troubles and hopefully when you get to be old and grey they are not invading you as they did when you were younger.


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