When do you say “enough is enough”?

I am usually tolerant of sales people – I know they have a job to do and it’s a thankless one – I am in an area of “customer service” myself but there has to be limit.

I wanted a couple of quotes for a blind and a fly wire door.  I found a site that arranged for people to contact you regarding the quote process – I found three.

I contacted them all on Monday with the same information and offered for them to come over on Saturday, I thought that would give them enough time.

Unfortunately the first one came back to me to tell me that he was selling his house that day and rather than make another time he sent me photos and average prices.   Nothing of what I wanted. I went back and asked if he could make it the following Saturday – I’m still waiting.

The second people contacted me to advise that they were all full and could they make it the following Saturday.  Sure no probs and I’ll see them then.

The third came back to me and agreed to Saturday but didn’t give a time.  I got a text the night before advising that he would be there at 1.00 pm and could he have my address (I put it in the original email).  Saturday rolled around and at 11.00 am he text to advise that his horse was sick and could we make it another time?  OK I understand that, however, I sat around all morning waiting until 1.00 pm – he could have text earlier.

We then changed it to 5:30 Monday.  Simple – I get home and wait, 5:30 rolls around no sight of the guy.  6:00 comes around and I text him.  “Are you coming to quote?”  No response.  I finally sent another text at 6:15 pm.  “Our appointment was for 5:30 are you still coming?”  Finally he responded “Sorry got held up in a job in Port Melbourne can we make it another time?”  Now I can tell you that from Port Melbourne to my home at that time of day would have taken 3 hours!  Sorry isn’t goo enough.  He had all afternoon to text and advise me.

I very tersely responded that I did need a quote and will change it to the same time Thursday …. but if he doesn’t show he’s lost a sale.

What is it?  I give them enough notice, even am willing to fix a time suitable to them, and yet they still don’t have the common courtesy to let you know that they may not make it in time.

I NEED quotes.  I cannot purchase what I need without them and yet I can’t get anyone to make the effort to come out and see what I require.  Right now I want to scream but what good would it do?  I need blinds and a fly wire door and I don’t want to contact more people to disappoint me.


About daysnet

I am having the best time of my life. I'm 50 plus, divorced, two grown children and just the opportunity to have a life after so many years of scrimping and saving is well worth the time it took to get here. I have a fantastic family with great family values and spending time alone is certainly something I enjoy which a lot of people find difficult to handle. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Strangely I don't like to travel and have no plans to do that in the future - I say strangely because so many people can't understand this, wanting to travel and experience other cultures - not on my agenda. I love to write and writing romance keeps me from going completely mad. I have found a job that I absolutely love and there are times it affords me time to type out my stories since I write all my stories by hand - I'm never without a pen or book. My motto is ... "People may forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" I've had many people who I can't even remember their names tell me that I made them feel good and for that I am truly grateful. I have become an avid reader of Rhonda Byrne's 'THE SECRET', "THE POWER" & now 'THE MAGIC". Whether you believe or think it's a load of @#$!@ - I do know that it works for me and my life and I am all the better for it. The Law of Attraction is something very close to my heart and I can honestly say with certainty that it works for me. I am truly grateful for the life I have been given and continue to enjoy. You can't go wrong when you just learn to say "thank you".
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One Response to When do you say “enough is enough”?

  1. utesmile says:

    they don’t want your business obviously. Sad and aggravating really for you!

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