The Secret – The Power – The Magic

I am probably the most optimistic person I know and I always have a smile on my face.  Not much upsets me and frankly I have a nice life.  I say nice because I don’t want to jinx it.  I have everything I want.  I nice house, wonderful kids, a great family, I write romance when I can, I watch romance all the time on TV and I’m getting into gardening.  Simple.  Nothing over the top.  I don’t need a lot of money.

Ever since I discovered Rhonda Byrne’s THE SECRET I have been intrigued and have to say that while many people might not agree with it or are skeptical I am a believer of sorts.  I have lived THE SECRET all my life (even before I read the books) and have to say that my life makes sense now.  I know that if I believe strongly enough it will happen and while I don’t ask for much I have had it happen.  Sure some of the big things took a little longer but I believed strongly enough that they did happen.

I read THE POWER and feel empowered into doing things in MY LIFE!  I’m not trying to convince anyone to believe what I believe.

Now I am into THE MAGIC.  There are 26 days and 26 exercises and I’m enjoying the journey I am taking.  What I am finding intriguing, however, is the amount of things I have to be grateful for.  I have to name 10 per day and I’ve run out of things.  I must be stunted in my growth.  Am I so isolated in my little cocoon of a life that I don’t believe I have anything else to be thankful for?  I sit up every morning and try and name 10 more things and I’m hopeless at it.  I’ve even been on GOOGLE just to find out what other people are grateful for just to get a wider idea of what’s my problem.  I’m just so focused on the smaller things that surround my life that I can’t see a bigger picture .. but I am trying and for that I feel that I am learning more each day.

The biggest problem, however, is being surrounded by people who are not happy.  I have a friend who I work with and since we’re about the same age and have the same title in two different departments we have become quite close.  She’s a grandmother, working four days a week and yet her workload is off the charts.  She would never consider going back to full time work and now it’s becoming apparent that she doesn’t like all that work.  It’s involved and the people she works for tend to either pile it all on her rather than take some on themselves, or they do part of the job only to leave her to clean up the messes.

I feel for her and what is worse I am unable to help her.  Her department have asked for my help but I get the “crappy stuff” that she even doesn’t want to do but I cannot help her due to the fact that she is the only one with access to certain files etc.

I’m not happy with my work and I work full time.  I don’t have enough to do, however, I am a receptionist, I have the biggest office in the building, there are times I’m not interrupted for hours, the phones hardly ring and I am basically my own boss.  My issues are minuscule compared to my friend but the problem is that she is bringing me down.

I try daily to talk about being optimistic, for her to stop thinking negatively and try and look past it all but it’s hard when I see what is happening to her.  She would love to get a payout and leave.  That’s not going to happen.  She has made a decision that she will be moving on before the end of the year and that’s a good thing for her.

Me?  I want to move on and certainly sooner rather than later due to my age – I have at least another 15 years of work in me but the later I leave it the more likely people won’t take me on because of my age.  Right now I am looking but in the meantime I can’t be miserable.  I don’t want to be pessimistic but being around her brings me down and I hate myself for that.  There are issues with my workplace (not going there) but I have to focus on my dream job – whether it be the same place I’m in now or a new place I have to stay focused on the positive.  I walk at lunch times to clear my head with my friend and it has been lovely getting out into the open air but that just gives her a chance to complain and being on the complaining plateau means that I spend my time trying to justify the job and how things are done.

They say for every negative if you include a positive you cancel it out but I spend my days just trying to keep above water when I’m around her.  She is such a lovely lady but the thing I look forward to is Fridays when she’s not at work.  I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I don’t have to try and get her out of her “bad mood”.

I know it’s not my job to change other people’s perception of things and it truly is exhausting but I don’t like anyone to be as upset about their job as she seems to be.

THE SECRET says that it’s all about “YOU” – you can’t be someone else but being around negative people I realise that I have have to work harder to be me, do my job and end up helping others.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to release some of this tension in my blog.  I feel a little lighter and until she decides to leave or I find my “perfect job” I will try very hard to approach all the negativity with same zest in life as I give to the positive optimist I am.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.



About daysnet

I am having the best time of my life. I'm 50 plus, divorced, two grown children and just the opportunity to have a life after so many years of scrimping and saving is well worth the time it took to get here. I have a fantastic family with great family values and spending time alone is certainly something I enjoy which a lot of people find difficult to handle. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Strangely I don't like to travel and have no plans to do that in the future - I say strangely because so many people can't understand this, wanting to travel and experience other cultures - not on my agenda. I love to write and writing romance keeps me from going completely mad. I have found a job that I absolutely love and there are times it affords me time to type out my stories since I write all my stories by hand - I'm never without a pen or book. My motto is ... "People may forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" I've had many people who I can't even remember their names tell me that I made them feel good and for that I am truly grateful. I have become an avid reader of Rhonda Byrne's 'THE SECRET', "THE POWER" & now 'THE MAGIC". Whether you believe or think it's a load of @#$!@ - I do know that it works for me and my life and I am all the better for it. The Law of Attraction is something very close to my heart and I can honestly say with certainty that it works for me. I am truly grateful for the life I have been given and continue to enjoy. You can't go wrong when you just learn to say "thank you".
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