Australian TV – could it get any worse

Australian TV has been bad for quite some time – our seasons don’t correspond with other countries so we don’t get to see shows until they’ve basically finished, certainly in America, but instead of working out ways to improve that situation they decide not only to put on repeats of repeats but they also ADD television channels. We’ve received at least 5 new channels but rather than increase new televisions shows we have been reduced to showing shows that were popular 20 years or more ago. Brady Bunch; Murder, She Wrote; Diagnosis Murder; MacGyver; The Love Boat, Touched By An Angel; Cheers, Rosanne and other such entertainment programmes when I was 14.

To add insult to injury I also have our pay tv channels of Foxtel. There are approximately 40 channels and again repeats of repeats. Nothing new. As an avid tv watcher I can go for days not finding anything to watch.

It came to a head at Christmas time. I love christmas movies but obviously Foxtel or Free to Air television doesn’t. I check every year to see how many new christmas movies come out and it is at least 10. This year I got 1. No more, no less. They showed a few christmas movies that they show every year but not even last year’s christmas movies were found and shown. In fact, if I didn’t know better I would swear christmas didn’t come to Foxtel this year.

How is it that America can generate so many shows and yet in Australia we get at least one fifth of them and most of those are ones that don’t last the distance. I have gotten hooked on so many shows that were cancelled after three to five episodes in the USA. They might have filmed 7 episodes and sure enough we will get them in Australia and then they repeat and repeat and repeat.

I’m a huge Bones & Castle fan, not to mention Supernatural and Smallville. So far Supernatural was taken off our screens at episode 7 of season 5 because it wasn’t rating. They have waited until a new channel was created a year and a half later to finally show the rest of the season (I’ve already bought the DVD of that season and have watched it all). Smallville hasn’t been seen in years (I’ve picked up the first 8 years on dvd for the luck price of $20 each). I’m waiting for season 9 to come out on dvd but in the meantime channel 11 is showing season 8 episodes.

Channel 7 have been kind enough to FAST TRACK Bones and Castle in the past. Last year, however, they only showed 5 episodes of Bones before taking it off. We are still waiting on their return. Castle, Season 3, however, has not been screened. To date there have been 13 episodes in the USA and I’ve been able to download them all from the internet.

What is funnier still is that Channel 7 have been showing over the last 8 weeks every Sunday night Bones & Castle – the repeats of the repeats.

Why can’t they just get new shows, air them and buy more new shows? So many are out there and the reason I know this is because they are on the net. FOR FREE. I don’t need to watch TV anymore, I just download an episode, commercial free.

Isn’t this what our television stations are trying to avoid. The Internet has become their worst nightmare. Surely they would want to avoid us downloading by showing episodes we can all see without turning on our computers.

Certainly Australia TV POWERS THAT BE … need to address this situation carefully and quickly if they want us to keep watching. So far I’m happier turning on a computer or my dvd player and watching episodes of shows I can buy from the USA. Meaning no commercials and no painful ridiculous ads for shows that I really don’t want to see.

Australian TV needs a complete overhaul not only with buying shows from the USA but also local productions. How many cop shows can we see? How many reality shows can we take? Comedy and Drama is interesting. Reality is what I face every day when I wake up I don’t want to see it on tv. Cop shows have become so obvious that the perpetrator can be guessed in the first five minutes.

Address the situation properly and ask the people who are avid fans before you start the new year off with a fizzer – which is what they do every single year. I would say good viewing in 2011 but I know it won’t happen. We’ll watch what we want and turn off the rest so I guess my electricity bill will only take in the computer and not the tv this year.

Happy TV Viewing.


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I am having the best time of my life. I'm 50 plus, divorced, two grown children and just the opportunity to have a life after so many years of scrimping and saving is well worth the time it took to get here. I have a fantastic family with great family values and spending time alone is certainly something I enjoy which a lot of people find difficult to handle. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Strangely I don't like to travel and have no plans to do that in the future - I say strangely because so many people can't understand this, wanting to travel and experience other cultures - not on my agenda. I love to write and writing romance keeps me from going completely mad. I have found a job that I absolutely love and there are times it affords me time to type out my stories since I write all my stories by hand - I'm never without a pen or book. My motto is ... "People may forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" I've had many people who I can't even remember their names tell me that I made them feel good and for that I am truly grateful. I have become an avid reader of Rhonda Byrne's 'THE SECRET', "THE POWER" & now 'THE MAGIC". Whether you believe or think it's a load of @#$!@ - I do know that it works for me and my life and I am all the better for it. The Law of Attraction is something very close to my heart and I can honestly say with certainty that it works for me. I am truly grateful for the life I have been given and continue to enjoy. You can't go wrong when you just learn to say "thank you".
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